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With many individuals, childhood dreams shift, sometimes drastically. As a child, Danielle Bissett dreamed of owning a bakery and then being a pediatrician. She did not always know she wanted to be a psychologist, but talking and working with her junior high guidance counselor, she realized, like him, that she wanted to work with and help children.

Danielle began her undergraduate work at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. The summer after her junior year, Danielle studied abroad in Cambodia and Vietnam, to learn about cultural relativism, which is learning about the beliefs, customs and views that are relative to another culture. When she came back home to the United States, she knew she wanted to do something for the less fortunate.

In her senior year, Danielle organized a fundraiser called “Rice for Life,” and raised over $20,000 for children who live and attend school on a garbage dump in Cambodia. The money raised provided the children with a bag of rice every day they went to school. Danielle returned to Cambodia the following year to present the check and provide all the children in the school with a new outfit, a pair of boots and toys. She says that this was the most humbling experience she has ever experienced.

During her years at Lynn, Danielle enjoyed volunteering with many organizations that helped at-risk children and families, but she came to realize that she could not solely spend her life volunteering. She realized that her passion was truly in providing therapy to children and their families. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Lynn University, and then entered the psychology program at Nova Southeastern University, where she obtained her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology.

During her years in graduate school Danielle had extensive experience in providing mental health services to a diverse population of children and adults suffering from mood disorders, behavioral issues, learning disorders and developmental disabilities. Danielle completed her internship at a not-for-profit community mental health facility where she served as the head psychology intern for an after school/summer program for underprivileged youth with behavioral difficulties.

Once again, Danielle took it upon herself to organize a fundraiser that resulted in over $5,500. This money was used to give her underserved clients the opportunity to practice their social skills in a variety of settings, while being exposed to age appropriate activities that they otherwise would not have had.

Danielle recently relocated back to Long Island to be with her family. She is excited to have joined the practice and to have the opportunity to pursue her passion for providing excellent clinical services to children, adolescents and their families.

When not working with her clients, Danielle can be found enjoying the outdoors and trying to stay young by engaging in different sports. Danielle has played everything from soccer and ice hockey to being the Long Island Women’s Champion in Motocross.

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